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Tammy Phinney

Tammy Phinney, REALTOR®

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Tammy Phinney is a nationally recognized realtor along with her dynamic professional career, Tammy has pursued a diverse education, studying fine arts, clothing buying, designing, and painting. With a versatile background in creative fields, Tammy is well-equipped to understand and navigate the intricacies of aesthetics, style, and design - all of which contribute to her exceptional real estate expertise.

Throughout her career, Tammy has proven herself to be a trailblazer in the real estate industry, earning national recognition for her prowess, and leading by example. Tammy has consistently demonstrated a knack for understanding and capturing the essence of home selling and buying, which has granted her numerous awards and accolades in the real estate community. Her dedicated work and outstanding success stories solidify her reputation as an accomplished professional among her clients and peers alike.

Tammy's personal interests are vast and varied, with a prominent emphasis on the creative arts. In her free time, Tammy enjoys renovating homes, aiming to infuse them with unique character and charm that showcases her undeniable talent for design. She is also passionate about gardening, drawing, and painting, allowing her to engage with her artistic sensibilities and further enrich her understanding of aesthetics in the built environment.

In line with her innovative spirit, Tammy leads a tightly knit team of professionals that she likes to say is "small enough to fit in an Uber." This close-knit group ensures that everyone on her team - including the client - is always on the same page and heading in the right direction. With an unwavering dedication to her clients, Tammy's approach centers around promoting homes and maximizing marketing dollars to benefit those she serves. Her persevering focus on achieving successful sales and a commitment to customer satisfaction make Tammy Phinney and her team the smart choice for your real estate journey.

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